Jamie Friedlander

Jamie Friedlander is a personal finance writer with nearly 10 years of experience covering personal loans, mortgages and entrepreneurship. She formerly served as the features editor for SUCCESS Magazine, a publication focused on business and entrepreneurship. Her personal finance work has been published in Inc., Business Insider and SUCCESS Magazine, among other publications.

Articles by Jamie Friedlander

How a Car Repossession Affects Your Credit

You suddenly lost your job and you missed your last car payment. It’s looking like you won’t be able to make next month’s car payment... read more

5 Ways to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

When the end of the month approaches, you find yourself overcome with anxiety. You’re past due on all of your credit card payments again, and... read more

What to Do If You’re Being Sued by a Debt Collector

You receive a phone call from an unknown number and answer it. Your stomach immediately turns. It’s a debt collector. Maybe they’re calling about a... read more

A Teaser Rate: Is that low interest rate too good to be true?

So-called teaser rates were once regularly used to attract borrowers to take out adjustable-rate mortgages, but they don’t exist anymore as a common loan product,... read more

Can I Remove a Bankruptcy Filing From My Credit Report?

More than 320,000 people in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy between January and May 2018, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. A bankruptcy filing will... read more

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