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What Is a Profit-and-Loss Statement?

A profit-and-loss statement is an important financial document that summarizes revenue and costs over a specific period. This statement, also referred to as a “P&L... read more

What Is a Business Partnership?

A business partnership can provide new or existing companies with the access to skills, capital and support necessary for success — but there are risks.... read more

How to Close a Corporation in 6 Steps

Closing a business can be a difficult decision, but there are steps that can make the process easier and satisfy your legal obligations. When determining... read more

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop: Which Is Right for You?

Touting more than 7 million users, Intuit’s QuickBooks continues to be a top choice among business owners looking for comprehensive accounting tools. QuickBooks offers both... read more

Credit Union Business Loans: Everything You Need to Know

Credit unions, like banks, offer business owners a wide range of lending products, including small business loans. But credit union business loans remain an underutilized... read more

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