Jolene Latimer

Jolene Latimer has her Master’s in Specialized Journalism from the University of Southern California. She’s a Canadian living in Los Angeles.

Articles by Jolene Latimer

Signature Loans with No Credit Check: Don’t Get Ripped Off

A signature loan, also referred to as an unsecured loan, doesn’t require you to put down collateral in order to qualify. Because lenders don’t have... read more

What Is a Tax Refund Loan — and Should You Get One?

  If you’re looking for ways to get more cash quickly and know you have a tax refund coming, you might consider getting a tax... read more

Why Banks May Not Be Your Best Option for Personal Loans

Trying to assess your options for getting a personal loan? While traditional banks are probably the first option that comes to mind, there are many... read more

Best Trucks and SUVs for Towing in 2019

Having a truck or SUV capable of towing means you’re everybody’s best friend when they’re moving, pulling toys out to the lake or planning a... read more

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget: 7 Steps to Follow

There is good news for couples getting ready to tie the knot, as research from the University of Maryland indicates the U.S. divorce rate fell... read more

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