Julie Sherrier

Former Senior Managing Editor

  • Expertise: Personal finance, credit scores, credit cards, debt management, real estate investing
  • Education: University of Missouri-Columbia, Arizona State University, University of Texas at Austin


Julie Sherrier is a former senior managing editor at LendingTree, where she used to oversee all of the site’s credit cards and credit score coverage.

Before joining LendingTree, Julie spent 11 years working as the managing editor and then editorial director at CreditCards.com. Prior to that, she served as a senior editor at Rellek Publishing, the book publishing division at Keller Williams Realty International. Julie was also an adjunct journalism instructor at the University of Texas at Austin and served as communications director for several international and state trade associations..

Julie earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, studied anthropology at Arizona State University and was a creative writing student at The University of Texas at Austin.

Articles by Julie Sherrier

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