Karon Warren

Karon Warren is a freelance writer and editor with nearly 20 years of experience covering small business and personal finance. She has written for numerous finance publications, including MagnifyMoney, CardRatings, Student Loan Hero, Sapling and PocketSense.

Articles by Karon Warren

What is a Hybrid Mortgage?

Simply put, a hybrid mortgage combines features of a fixed-rate mortgage and an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). A hybrid mortgage is a home loan with a... read more

Should You Switch to Biweekly Mortgage Payments?

Most mortgage payments are structured to be paid monthly, but switching to biweekly mortgage payments can reduce how much interest you pay over the life... read more

Joint Mortgages: Should You Get One?

When purchasing a home, applying for a joint mortgage could be the best option if both you and your co-borrower have good credit scores, clean... read more

Can I Use a Home Equity Loan for College Tuition?

Yes, you could use a home equity loan for college tuition; in addition, you could use a home equity line of credit, or “HELOC.” Although... read more

Home Appraisal vs. Home Inspection: What’s the Difference?

When purchasing a home, homebuyers may wonder about the differences of a home inspection versus an appraisal during the homebuying process. Both options provide valuable... read more

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