Katherine Gustafson

Katherine Gustafson is a freelance finance and business writer in specializing in content marketing, thought leadership, and ghostwriting for personal finance sites, accounting and consulting firms, banks, and online lenders and brokers. Her work has appeared in finance and business publications such as MagnifyMoney, Student Loan Hero, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Articles by Katherine Gustafson

What Percentage of Businesses Fail and How to Improve Your Chances of Success

Have you ever considered starting your own business? You’re not alone. According to the latest U.S. Small Business Administration data, there are 31.7 million small... read more

7 Top Payroll Services for Small Businesses

Payroll services for small businesses help keep track of employees’ hours, pay, bonuses and withholdings. These services often calculate and file payroll taxes automatically, offer... read more

How to Find Business Loans in Texas

Texas just might be a great place to be in business — in fact, CNBC named it “America’s Top State for Business” in 2018, making... read more

What Is Seller Financing for Business and How Does It Work?

Seller financing for business is an arrangement in which the seller of a business provides a loan to the buyer to enable them to purchase... read more

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