Katherine Gustafson

Katherine Gustafson is a freelance finance and business writer in specializing in content marketing, thought leadership, and ghostwriting for personal finance sites, accounting and consulting firms, banks, and online lenders and brokers. Her work has appeared in finance and business publications such as MagnifyMoney, Student Loan Hero, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Articles by Katherine Gustafson

How to Start a Business in Tennessee

Entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Tennessee will find a launching point at Tennessee SmartStart, the Department of Economic and Community Development's interactive guide... read more

How to Start a Business in Pennsylvania

As the sixth-largest economy in the U.S., Pennsylvania offers a lot of opportunities for business-minded residents. The vast majority — 99.6% — of Pennsylvania businesses... read more

OneMain Financial Personal Loan Review

[mmps name='personalloan.6.bankName'] offers fixed-rate personal loans for between [mmps name='personalloan.6.min_loan'] and [mmps name='personalloan.6.max_loan']. Although its rates run high, the lender offers fast funding on approved... read more

How To Start a Business in Washington

Starting a business in Washington state is a straightforward process. It can be as simple as a single application to the Department of Revenue, or... read more

How 5 Common Cybercrimes Can Affect Your Credit

Cybercrime is a massive and growing global problem, causing as much as $600 billion in damage to the global economy every year, according to a... read more

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