Katherine Gustafson

Katherine Gustafson is a freelance finance and business writer in specializing in content marketing, thought leadership, and ghostwriting for personal finance sites, accounting and consulting firms, banks, and online lenders and brokers. Her work has appeared in finance and business publications such as MagnifyMoney, Student Loan Hero, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Articles by Katherine Gustafson

How 5 Common Cybercrimes Can Affect Your Credit

Cybercrime is a massive and growing global problem, causing as much as $600 billion in damage to the global economy every year, according to a... read more

How Being Denied Credit Affects Your Credit Scores

There’s good news and bad news about being denied credit. The bad news, of course, is that your low credit score may be preventing you... read more

How to Change Personal Information on Your Credit Report

Credit reports have enormous bearing on your life. The information in your reports will dictate your credit score, which influences what homes you can rent,... read more

What Does a Charge Off Mean on Your Credit Report?

If you fall seriously behind on your credit card debts, either paying nothing or not meeting the minimum required payment each month, the credit company... read more

8 Ways to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy rates are increasing in the U.S., especially in Southeastern states and among the elderly. That means more Americans this year are in dire financial... read more

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