Lindsay VanSomeren

Lindsay VanSomeren

Lindsay VanSomeren is a personal finance writer covering banking, small business and debt. Her work has appeared on LendingTree, CreditKarma and LearnVest, among others. You can follow her personal money journey at

Articles by Lindsay VanSomeren

Overcoming Obstacles to Buying a Home

If you’ve ever tried or even thought about buying a home, you know it’s not easy. To make things even worse, the obstacles to homeownership... read more

A 20-Something’s Guide to Getting a Mortgage

Your apartment manager’s a jerk, your neighbor won’t stop slamming their door, and maybe you’ve even seen closets larger than your kitchen. Any way you... read more

How Often Can You Refinance Your Home?

It might seem like the Federal Reserve bounces interest rates around more than an Olympic Ping-Pong ball. Double-digit rates were rampant throughout the 1980s and... read more

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