Louis DeNicola

Louis is a personal finance writer who works with Fortune 500 financial services firms, FinTech startups, and non-profits to help promote financial literacy. He covers a variety of personal finance topics and especially likes writing about credit and loans.

Articles by Louis DeNicola

Coding Bootcamp Cost and Loan Options

A coding bootcamp can put you on the fast track to a high-paying and in-demand career. The programs, which often run for about 10 to... read more

Finding the Best Debt Consolidation Companies

If you’re juggling multiple monthly payments or feel like you’re not getting anywhere with high-interest debt, debt consolidation may be able to help. Consolidation combines... read more

New Hampshire Debt Relief: Your Guide to State Laws and Managing Debt

Dealing with debt can be a struggle, no matter where you live. Fortunately for residents of New Hampshire, there are consumer-friendly laws on the books... read more

The History of Credit Scores and Credit Reporting

People have made purchases with credit — buy something today and pay for it later — for thousands of years. But credit scores have been... read more

How to Read Your Credit Report

Your credit reports play an essential role in your financial life. They’re the basis for your credit scores, which can affect your ability to qualify... read more

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