Maya Dollarhide

Maya Dollarhide is a full-time freelance journalist, writer and editor with over 10 years of experience covering personal finance, business travel, real estate and small business. Her work has appeared in Investopedia, CNN, MarketWatch, Successful Meetings and The Real Deal. She is based in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Articles by Maya Dollarhide

How to Finance a Tiny House

Buying a tiny house is a way to downsize your environmental footprint without sacrificing homeownership. Joining the tiny house movement has many pros and cons,... read more

3 HAMP Program Alternatives You Should Know About

The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), created in 2009 by the federal government, made it possible for struggling homeowners to stay afloat by modifying the... read more

2022 Texas First-Time Homebuyer Programs 

Texas offers first-time homebuyer programs to help qualified individuals and families, primarily those with low- to-moderate incomes, pay for closing costs and down payments on... read more

2022 Nebraska First-Time Homebuyer Programs

Nebraska offers first-time homebuyer programs that provide down payment and closing cost assistance and low-interest loans to qualified borrowers. Many of these programs come with... read more

2022 Montana First-Time Homebuyer Programs

Montana offers first-time homebuyers programs to help people afford down payment costs and find affordable mortgage options. Most of the programs are designed to help... read more

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