Melanie Lockert

Melanie Lockert is a financial writer whose work has appeared in Fortune, Allure, VICE, Credit Karma, Business Insider, and Student Loan Hero.

Articles by Melanie Lockert

Student Loan Repayment Guide for Dentists

A career as a dentist can be very satisfying, but paying off those student loans could be a challenge. Luckily, there are many sources of... read more

Does Marriage Affect Student Loans? 5 Things You Should Know

Student loans and marriage don’t have to be at odds. After all, nearly 70% of students graduate with loans, so it’s likely you or your... read more

Taxes on Forgiven Student Loans: What to Know

Taxes on forgiven student loans have long been the norm, with the IRS treating canceled debt as income. But borrowers won’t have to worry about... read more

Can You Transfer a Parent PLUS Loan to a Student?

If you’re wondering how to transfer a parent PLUS loan to a student, we have good news: The student can take on the loan by... read more

Who Is My Student Loan Servicer? Here’s How to Find Out

After you graduate and your first payment approaches, you’ll need to answer some important questions: Who is my student loan servicer? How do I find... read more

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