Tom Sumrak

Senior Manager

Tom Sumrak has worked as a marketer, editor, and writer over the course of multiple years working at LendingTree. He has covered a variety of different financial topics and products over the year and is immersed in the financial industry on the daily. Aside from his work in the financial industry, Tom enjoys home renovation projects and is an avid DIYer. He also has worked as a calligrapher for several years and enjoys practicing his writing whenever he gets the opportunity.

Articles by Tom Sumrak

Personal Loans in Denver

Name APR Range Terms Fees Min. credit requirements LendingTree 5.99% – 35.99% 24 to 60 months Varies  500 Credit Union of Denver 8.49% – 17.50%... read more

Best Cities for Foodies

Foodies are a unique group of culinary hobbyists that have a passion for high-end dining and exploring new food scenes. The term “foodie” was first... read more

What to Know When You Need a Business Loan

Lenders, whether they’re a traditional bank or a non-institutional entity, generally have a common goal when it comes to financing: get repaid. While this endgame... read more

Getting a Small Business Loan: The Quick 5-Step Guide

Gaining capital can be hard for a small business but getting approved for financing doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. There are several different... read more

$27,550 in Savings Possible for Homebuyers Shopping Around for a Mortgage

LendingTree shows borrowers how to gain an edge in the housing market by getting competing offers from lenders. Homebuyers could have seen median lifetime savings... read more

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