Tom Sumrak

Senior Manager

Tom Sumrak has worked as a marketer, editor, and writer over the course of multiple years working at LendingTree. He has covered a variety of different financial topics and products over the year and is immersed in the financial industry on the daily. Aside from his work in the financial industry, Tom enjoys home renovation projects and is an avid DIYer. He also has worked as a calligrapher for several years and enjoys practicing his writing whenever he gets the opportunity.

Articles by Tom Sumrak

How to Apply for Federal Student Loans

Applying for federal student loans is good way to help finance your education. The process can take a while, but being prepared and knowing what... read more

Parent PLUS Loans: Alternatives to Consider

Attending college is an expensive endeavor that many families can’t afford and yet, nonetheless, expect to experience. A degree from a four-year university is still... read more

Debt Management Fail: Study Says 35 Percent of Americans in Default

According to a recent study by the Urban Institute, about 35 percent of Americans have at least one defaulted account on their credit histories. Defaults can be tough... read more

Bankrupcy Laws You Should be Aware of Before Filing

The new bankruptcy laws taking effect in October make it more difficult to wipe out certain types of debt through the bankruptcy process, especially for... read more

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