Tracy Brackman, senior writer for LendingTree

Tracy Brackman

Senior Editor

Tracy Brackman is a senior editor and credit card expert at LendingTree, where she writes and edits educational articles on credit cards and personal finance using her 14+ years of experience in the industry.

Before joining LendingTree in 2019, Tracy worked as a products editor for, where she developed the credit card products section and wrote breaking news content focused on credit cards.

Prior to that, she worked as a product information manager for Bankrate, where she managed the credit card product details and maintained compliance for two affiliate networks, as well as Bankrate-owned and operated sites.

She began working in the credit card space in 2009 as the editorial department manager for FlexOffers, an affiliate marketing company.


  • Credit card product reviews
  • Personal finance education
  • Credit card compliance


  • 14+ years of credit card reporting experience
  • Helped establish a process to maintain credit card compliance for editorial content


  • Ohio State University
  • Florida International University

Tracy’s favorite credit cards

“Currently, I like to use my American Express® Gold Card to earn a high rewards rate on dining and grocery purchases — the two categories I spend the most in each month. I also love the protections that the card provides on my purchases and travel. My husband and I are able to easily combine our Membership Rewards points to use toward flights and hotel stays.”

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