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LendingTree is compensated by companies on this site and this compensation may impact how and where offers appear on this site (such as the order). LendingTree does not include all lenders, savings products, or loan options available in the marketplace.

Best Homeowners Insurance in Florida (2024)

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Tower Hill offers the best and cheapest homeowners insurance in Florida, with rates that average $2,443 a year (or $204 a month).

Consider Progressive and State Farm, too, as their discounts and customer service could make them the better choice for some homeowners.

Find the Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Cheapest insurance companies in Florida

$2,443/year -
Best for cheapest rates: Tower Hill
$3,786/year -
Runner up: Progressive
$4,403/year -
Next cheapest rates: Heritage
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Savings Tips

You can save around $1,880 a year by comparing home insurance quotes in Florida.

Tower Hill and Progressive offer average rates below $3,800 a year.

Home insurance rates can vary by city from $3,604 a year in Cape Coral to $4,177 in Orlando.

Tower Hill is the cheapest homeowners insurance company in Florida, offering an average rate of $2,443 a year.

Not only is Tower Hill’s average rate the lowest in the state by far, but it’s more than 40% cheaper than the state’s average price for home insurance.

Insurance companyAnnual rate
Tower Hill$2,443
Homeowners Choice$4,539
Florida Peninsula$4,695
State Farm$5,180
Citizens Property Insurance Corp.$8,722

The state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is the most-expensive major home insurance option in Florida, at $8.722 a year, but that’s because it exists for homeowners who can’t find affordable insurance elsewhere.

To get the cheapest rate for the amount of coverage you need and want, compare home insurance quotes from several companies.

Cheapest isn’t always best. According to our research, Tower Hill, State Farm and Progressive are actually the best homeowners insurance companies in Florida.

  • Tower Hill is our pick for Florida’s best home insurance company overall, and it also offers the lowest rates.
  • State Farm is the best company for customer satisfaction.
  • Progressive has the best discounts for Florida homeowners.

Insurance companyAnnual rateCustomer satisfactionComplaint index
Tower Hill$2,443 N/A0.26 (Excellent)
Progressive$3,786 791 (Poor)0.74 (Above average)
State Farm$5,180 829 (Excellent)0.56 (Good)

Customer satisfaction scores are from J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. Home Insurance Study. Complaint index ratings come from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Best overall home insurance company in Florida: Tower Hill

Tower Hill is the best home insurance company in Florida due in large part to it having the lowest rates in the state and the second-lowest NAIC Complaint Index rating.


  Tower Hill’s average home insurance rate is Florida’s cheapest, at a full 44% cheaper than the state average.
  Tower Hill’s NAIC Complaint Index rating is 0.26. This is the second-best rating of Florida’s top homeowner insurance companies — well below the rating of 1.0, which represents the average number of customer complaints for a company of that size.
  Tower Hill offers more coverage options to Florida homeowners than many insurance companies, including some for high-value homes.


  You can’t get a home insurance quote or buy a policy from Tower Hill online, which can make the process slower and more cumbersome than with some other insurers.
  J.D. Power didn’t include Tower Hill in its survey of insurance companies, so it’s hard to know how it stacks up to its competitors in terms of customer service.

Best home insurance company for customer satisfaction: State Farm

State Farm may be the best homeowners insurance company for you if you value customer service and satisfaction.


  State Farm’s customer satisfaction score of 829 is among the highest of the companies serving Florida.
  State Farm offers a wide range of optional home insurance coverages. Water backup and umbrella coverage are two notable examples.


  State Farm is one of the most expensive home insurance companies in Florida. Its rates average $5,180 a year ($432 a month).
  State Farm doesn’t offer as many home insurance discounts as its competitors.
  State Farm’s NAIC Complaint Index is above the median for major Florida insurers, though it’s still less than average for a company of its size.

Best home insurance company for discounts: Progressive

Progressive has the best discounts from Florida’s top home insurance companies. You might save money on your policy if your home has safety systems or alarms if you pay for the whole year in full, or if you have a new home.


  If you also get car insurance from Progressive, you can save money on both policies. Progressive customers save an average of 7% on bundled home and auto insurance policies.
  Progressive’s average home insurance rate isn’t among the cheapest in Florida, but you could bring yours close to that using the company’s discounts.
  Progressive offers many standard and optional home insurance coverages.


  Progressive’s customer satisfaction score from J.D. Power is among the lowest of the companies we looked at.
  Its NAIC Complaint Index rating, while better than expected for the company’s size, is worse than both Tower Hill’s and State Farm’s.

Florida home insurance costs $4,329 a year on average. Paid monthly, that comes to $361.

What you pay for homeowners insurance depends on several factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • The amount of coverage you buy
  • Your deductible
  • Your credit, insurance and claims history
  • The age of your home

One of the best ways to find out how much a policy will cost for you is to compare home insurance quotes from a number of companies.

Florida home insurance rates by coverage amount

The amount of dwelling coverage you buy for your home impacts how much you pay for your home insurance policy.

Dwelling limitAnnual rate
$350,000 $3,812
$400,000 $4,329
$450,000 $4,843

If your dwelling coverage limit is $450,000, for example, you will pay an average 27% more for home insurance than if this limit were $350,000.

Florida homeowners insurance rates by city

Tallahassee homeowners pay the lowest home insurance rates among Florida’s biggest cities. The average home insurance cost in Tallahassee is $2,608 a year or $217 a month.

Homeowners in Miami pay $7,889 a year, on average — over three times what Tallahassee homeowners pay.

Meanwhile, Hialeah homeowners pay the state’s highest average home insurance rates, at $9,988 a year.

CityAnnual rate
Cape Coral$3,604
Coral Springs$7,695
Fort Lauderdale$7,121
Pembroke Pines$7,721
Port St. Lucie$4,602
St. Petersburg$2,729

Florida homeowners insurance rates by county

Homeowners in Pinellas County pay the cheapest home insurance rates of Florida’s biggest counties. The average rate there is $2,839 a year ($237 a month).

Miami-Dade has the highest average rates for home insurance among Florida counties, at $8,854 a year ($738 a month).

CountyAnnual rate
Palm Beach$4,706

Florida state law doesn’t require home insurance, but mortgage lenders usually do.

In Florida, they may require more than standard home insurance. Depending on where you live, you might need flood, windstorm and/or sinkhole coverage as well.

Flood insurance

Standard home insurance policies don’t cover flood damage or destruction. For that, you need separate coverage.

You can buy flood insurance in Florida through the government-run National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or from private flood insurance companies.

NFIP flood insurance policies offer up to $250,000 coverage for your home and $100,000 for your possessions. If you need or want more than those amounts, contact private companies.

Windstorm insurance

Although standard homeowners insurance policies usually cover wind damage, yours might exclude it if you live on or near the Florida coast.

Several companies sell windstorm insurance in Florida. If you struggle to find a company that will sell it to you, go to Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

Sinkhole insurance

A typical home insurance policy only covers sinkhole damage if the sinkhole leaves a visible hole in the ground and the damage is such that you can no longer live in your home.

In all other cases, standard homeowners insurance won’t cover sinkhole damage to your Florida home.

To be covered in as many situations as possible, you can buy sinkhole insurance as an endorsement to an existing policy or as standalone coverage.


The rates shown in this article are based on non-binding quotes collected from Quadrant Information Services. Average rates were compiled from rates in Florida. The following coverages and deductibles were used unless otherwise noted:

  • $400,000 dwelling coverage
  • $40,000 other structures
  • $200,000 personal property
  • $80,000 loss of use coverage
  • $100,000 liability
  • $5,000 medical payments
  • $1,000 deductible

You might think severe weather like hurricanes and flooding is responsible for Florida’s high home insurance costs.

Although it plays a role, frivolous lawsuits and insurance fraud are more to blame.

Increasing costs tied to the lawsuits and fraud have caused several local insurance companies to close their doors. They’ve also caused national companies to pull back on serving the state or to leave it altogether.

Both reactions have helped raise home insurance rates statewide.

Tower Hill charges the most affordable home insurance rates to Florida homeowners, at an average of $2,443 a year.