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Best Mobile Home Insurance in Alabama (2024)

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Foremost is the best company for mobile home insurance quotes in Alabama. It provides the most flexible coverage options for mobile homes of all ages.

Alfa, Allstate and State Farm are among the other top choices in Alabama for mobile and manufactured home insurance.

Find the Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes in Alabama

You probably need mobile home insurance if you live in a mobile or manufactured home that you own. Alabama law doesn’t require it, but lenders typically do for a loan. Many mobile home communities also require insurance.

Getting mobile home insurance quotes is a little more difficult than shopping for traditional homeowners insurance. Fewer companies insure mobile homes. Some only insure manufactured homes, which are mobile homes built after 1976.

Foremost, Alfa, Allstate and State Farm are the best mobile home insurance companies in Alabama for various reasons.

Best overall: Foremost

Flexibility and quality customer service make Foremost Alabama’s best company mobile home insurance quotes. The company insures mobile homes of all ages and offers customizable coverage options.

Foremost’s standard policies cover your home at an agreed value. However, you can upgrade to replacement cost coverage for more protection. It also offers protections you may need for a hobby farm or incidental home business, like piano lessons.

Foremost offers loss of use as an optional add-on, too. Loss of use covers your temporary living expenses after a disaster. Some companies include loss of use in their standard policies, but others don’t offer it at all.

As part of Farmers Insurance, Foremost offers discounts to customers who get their car insurance from Farmers. It also provides mobile home insurance for AARP and USAA.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) gives Foremost a complaint rating of 0.68. This means it had fewer confirmed complaints than average for its size in 2023. A confirmed complaint is one that leads to a finding of fault.

  Insures mobile homes of any age  Loss of use costs extra
  Replacement cost upgrades available for your home and possessions
  Protections available for hobby farms and some home-based businesses
  AARP, Farmers and USAA discounts
  Rated A by AM Best for financial strength
  Complaint rating of 0.68 from the NAIC is better than average

Best local company: Alfa

As the insurance arm of the Alabama Farm Federation, Alfa understands the state’s agrarian traditions. Alfa’s manufactured home insurance program provides the protections most people need for mobile homes built after 1976. This includes loss of use as a standard policy feature.

You need to join the farm federation to qualify for Alfa insurance. Membership costs $36 a year for farmers and non-farmers. You can get a discount if you bundle your mobile home insurance with an Alfa auto policy.

Alfa’s favorable customer service ratings include a perfect complaint score. It did not have a single confirmed complaint in 2023, according to the NAIC.

  Reliable coverage for manufactured homes  Coverage not available for older mobile homes
  Local agents available for personalized service
  Perfect complaint rating from the NAIC
  Rated A by AM Best

Best large company: Allstate

Allstate stands out among large companies, because it accepts mobile homes of all ages and offers unique discounts.

Allstate gives you a 10% discount just for being over 55 and retired. You can save more by bundling your mobile home and car insurance. Being your mobile home’s original owner gets you another discount.

Allstate also offers several useful coverages on an optional basis. These include identity theft restoration and water-backup coverage. However, it does not offer loss of use coverage for mobile homes.

Although Allstate has an A+ rating from AM Best, its NAIC complaint rating is cause for concern. Allstate’s 1.4 NAIC complaint rating indicates it had more confirmed complaints than average for its size in 2023.

  Insurance mobile homes of all ages  Loss of use not available for mobile homes
  Discounts available for retirees  More confirmed complaints than average for its size
  Customizable coverage options
  Rated A+ by AM Best

Best for newer manufactured homes: State Farm

State Farm offers attractive discounts to Alabama customers with newer manufactured homes. You can save at least 28% with State Farm if your manufactured home was built within the past five years.

State Farm offers additional discounts for wind-resistant manufactured homes. To qualify, your home has to meet standards set by the Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) or the International Residential Code (IRC).

Smoke detectors and burglar alarms can help you save more. State Farm also offers a loyalty discount that can grow to 20% if you stick with the company for at least nine straight years.

State Farm has a 1.05 complaint score from the NAIC. This is a bit higher, or worse, than the national average of 1.0. This means that State Farm had slightly more confirmed complaints than average for its size in 2023.

  Steep discounts for newer homes  Does not insure older mobile homes
  IBHS and IRC discounts also available  Complaint rating of 1.05 is a little worse than average
  Loss of use included as standard coverage
  Rated A++ by AM Best

Find the Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes in Alabama

The average cost of mobile homeowners insurance in Alabama is about $1,500 a year, according to Trusted Choice. The actual price you pay depends on several factors, including:

  • The age, size and construction features of your home
  • Your ZIP code
  • Your insurance and credit history
  • Any discounts you may be eligible to receive

Since insurance companies view these factors differently, it’s good to compare quotes from multiple companies when you shop.

The amount of mobile home insurance you need in Alabama depends largely on your loan and the condition of your home.

You usually need replacement cost coverage for a newer manufactured home with a mortgage. This is the cost of replacing your home with a comparable new one, if it’s destroyed by a fire or other covered disaster.

You can usually insure your home at a lower amount if you have a low loan balance, no loan or an older mobile home. The choices include agreed value and actual cash value.

  • Agreed value is an amount that you and your insurance company agree upon.
  • Actual cash value is your home’s value after depreciation.

Agreed value and actual cash value insurance are both cheaper than replacement cost coverage. However, replacement cost coverage gives you more money to rebuild after a covered disaster.

Your policy’s dwelling coverage pays to rebuild your home. Mobile home insurance policies usually also include these additional coverages.

  • Other structures: Covers damage to sheds, detached garages, fences and other unattached structures on your property.
  • Personal property: Covers your personal belongings for theft and damage.
  • Loss of use: Temporary living expenses while your home is being repaired. Some companies make this optional. Others don’t offer it at all.
  • Personal liability: Covers injuries or damage you cause to others.
  • Medical payments: Covers medical treatment for a guest injured on your property, regardless of fault.

These coverages are typically offered in default amounts, but you can usually get higher limits if you need them.

Mobile home insurance covers most of the common disasters that can damage a home and your belongings. These include fire, lightning and smoke, as well as burglary, vandalism and civic unrest.

In most parts of the state, mobile home insurance also covers wind, including tornadoes, hailstorms and hurricane winds. However, there are important exemptions to know about.

Mobile home insurance does not cover floods or earthquakes. In parts of Mobile and Baldwin counties, mobile home insurance does not always cover wind or hail damage. Instead, separate insurance is available for each of these risks.

Flood insurance for mobile homes

Flood insurance is a standalone policy that specifically covers flood damage to your home and belongings. Most flood insurance is bought through the government-backed National Flood Insurance Program. However, several private flood insurance companies also offer it.

Earthquake coverage for mobile homes

Several Alabama insurance companies offer earthquake coverage as an optional add-on to a standard mobile home insurance policy. An earthquake can damage a mobile home by knocking it off its foundation and/or damaging utility lines.

Windstorm insurance along Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Windstorm insurance is often sold separately from mobile home insurance in southern Mobile and Baldwin counties. The Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association (AIUA) offers this coverage to high-risk homes along the coast.

Your mobile home insurer can get an AIUA windstorm policy for you. However, you have to meet AIUA’s eligibility guidelines. For example, if your mobile home is in a high-risk flood zone, you have to have flood insurance, too.

How does mobile home insurance cover hurricanes?

There is no specific hurricane coverage in mobile home insurance. However, mobile home insurance usually covers damage from the extreme winds that accompany a hurricane. If you live near the coast, you may have to pay a higher deductible for hurricane repairs.

Mobile home insurance does not cover damage from floods that may accompany a hurricane, including storm surges. You need flood insurance for protection from this risk.