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Home Insurance

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Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your home and your possessions in the event of damages or an accident. If you carry a mortgage on your home, homeowners insurance will most likely be required. Shop around to get the best coverage for the best rate today!

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Auto Purchase

Compare Auto Insurance Rates In One Place

Auto Insurance

Every state requires drivers to carry an auto insurance policy, though the minimum coverages can vary from state to state. Check out our auto insurance guide to get your policy started today (and save money while doing so!).

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Life Insurance

Compare Life Insurance Policies In One Place

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family and dependents in the event of your premature death, essentially replacing your income for them. Many employers provide basic life insurance, but if yours doesn’t, or if you’d like supplement it with more coverage, you can find the best coverage and rates when you shop now.

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The benefits of bundling home and auto insurance

Some companies will offer extra savings if you bundle your homeowners insurance and your auto insurance. In other words, you’re insuring both your home and your vehicle through to same company, and in return they are offering you extra savings. When getting quotes, make sure to ask what it would cost you to bundle both homeowners and auto insurance. Then, you can compare each quote to see which one offers the best deal for the lowest rate.

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Tips on comparing insurance quotes

When comparing different quotes on your auto or home insurance, it’s important to compare apples to apples. In other words, the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re comparing the same types of coverage. Other tips on comparing insurance quotes include:

  • Always ask for the price of a bundle package for home and auto insurance
  • Compare individual rates and bundled rates, side by side
  • Look at user reviews to see what others are saying about specific companies and policies
  • If you’re confused, ask to speak with an agent who will walk you through the policy line by line

How to figure out how much coverage you need

With homeowners insurance, your mortgage lender will let you know what the minimum required coverage amount is, based on the purchase price and location of your home. Minimum required auto insurance coverage varies by state. Usually, liability insurance is all that’s required, but some states require a bit more than just liability. Check with your state to make sure you are meeting the minimum requirement.

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