Loan Officer Directory and Lender Ratings and Reviews Terms of Use

LendingTree, LLC requires that you carefully read, understand and agree to the following Terms and Conditions contained in this Terms of Use Agreement for the Loan Officer Directory and Lender Ratings and Reviews products (“Terms of Use”). By accessing, using, or registering for Loan Officer Directory and Lender Ratings and Reviews products (“the Website”) you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (the terms “Website” and “Websites” include use through these alternative methods).

LendingTree reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. LendingTree reserves the right to remove Loan Officers or Lenders from the program at any time, in LendingTree’s sole discretion.



Only NMLS Licensed Loan Officers can claim profiles. By claiming a profile, a Loan Officer represents they are NMLS licensed with an active NMLS Identification number. Anyone claiming a profile under misrepresentation will have access to the Website blocked. Since the data is obtained from a subscription to NMLS Consumer Access™, the Name, Lender Name, City, State, and NMLS ID are not editable. Contact information should also not be included in the “About Me” section. LendingTree reserves the right to remove a Loan Officer’s profile from the Website if the information in the “About Me” section is deemed to be illegal, obscene, discriminatory, or offensive purposes. This determination is in LendingTree’s sole discretion.

While Loan Officers are encouraged to solicit reviews from customers, any consideration (monies, gifts, or things of value) exchanged for reviews should be disclosed in the review by the customer. Loan Officers and Lenders, not LendingTree, are responsible for ensuring compliance with this section. Reviews should come from customers, not the Loan Officer on behalf of the customer. Any violation of this sort may result in removal from the LendingTree Loan Officer Directory.

NOTE: By claiming your Loan Officer Profile, you are agreeing that LendingTree and/or LendingTree’s marketing partners may email you at the email address provided.


The Loan Officer Directory is set up as resource for NMLS Loan Officers. Loan Officers claim their profiles through use of their own private NMLS Identification number. As such, if a Loan Officer were to switch lenders, banks, or employers, then the reviews on the Website will remain with the Loan Officer’s Website profile. This is not intended to prevent lenders, banks, or employers of Loan Officers from negotiating agreements and arrangements with individual Loan Officers to control the reviews and remarks on the Loan Officer’s Loan Officer Directory page. LendingTree will not remove reviews and remarks from the Website in response to a change in representation without an acknowledgement from both the Loan Officer and the former lender, bank, or employer of the Loan Officer.

If a Loan Officer were to leave the lender, bank, or employer of record on NMLS, then the Loan Officer Directory will updated within one business day of the LendingTree being notified of the change. To ensure your profile is displaying accurate information send update to [email protected]. Loan Officers are responsible for making sure their Loan Officer Directory page accurately reflects their current lender, bank, or employer. LendingTree is not responsible for the accuracy of this information as LendingTree’s information is obtained from a subscription to NMLS Consumer Access™. A loan officer should contact NMLS directly to provide any changes of employment, etc.


A consumer review of a Loan Officer will be submitted on the Website and submitted for moderation based on appropriateness and relevance. Loan Officer reviews are independent and unrelated to Lender Ratings and Reviews on the LendingTree website. LendingTree reserves the right to remove or to refuse to post any submission for any reason. In an effort to make the directory accurate and transparent, a review which has been approved for appropriateness and relevance will not be deleted or removed.

A review which is not associated with a LendingTree request will also be allowed if the reviewer sets up an appropriate LendingTree account to post the review. LendingTree is under no obligation to authenticate the identity of the individual writing the review. LendingTree reserves the right to change, condense or delete any content on LendingTree’s website or social media property that LendingTree deems, in its sole discretion, to violate the content guidelines or any other provision of these Terms of Use. LendingTree does not guarantee that the Loan Officer will have any recourse through LendingTree to edit or delete any content submitted on the Website.


The Terms of Use listed above shall be incorporated to also bind the Lenders. Additionally, Lenders agree to the following terms:


Lenders may respond to any review. The party has 30 days to respond through the LendingTree administrator. The response will be moderated within 7 days of receipt. The response will be added as a comment under the review, if approved. Lenders may not include any contact information in responses.


Generally speaking, LendingTree will neither remove nor edit a review. Lenders have the opportunity to respond to reviews which is the preferred method for dealing with reviews. However, reviews can be sent to LendingTree for further review. It is LendingTree’s sole discretion whether to review the questioned review. Furthermore, LendingTree has the sole discretion to remove the review. LendingTree’s decision on removal is final.


By using the LendingTree “Top Rated in Customer Satisfaction”, or other seals (the “Seals”), the lender using the Seals (“you” or “Lender”) agrees to these LendingTree Seals Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) as may be modified by LendingTree, LLC (“LendingTree”) from time to time as set forth below. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the definitions set forth in the CLO Services Agreement entered into by and between LendingTree and Lender.

1. Term. Seals may only be used for one year as measured from the first day of the month in which the initial award was made (the “Term”). By way of example, if Lender earns award for Q4 2017 and is issued seal in Q1 2018, Lender may use such seal until the close of Q1 2019. Lender will immediately cease use of the applicable Seal after the expiration of the Term.
2. Use of Seal by Lender. During the Term, Lender may display the appropriate Seal signifying the quarter the Seal was earned and which was provided to Lender by LendingTree on Lender’s website, Lender employee email signature blocks and/or Lender’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or other appropriate professional social media pages provided that:
a. Lender maintains a minimum 3.5 Overall Service Level Rating;
b. Lender receives LendingTree’s prior written approval before commencing display of the Seal in any location or application;
c. Lender links back to the LendingTree site within the Seal as described in Section 3 below; and
Except as described in this Section 2 of the Terms of Use, Lender may not use the Seal in any manner without LendingTree’s express permission which may be withheld in its sole discretion. Lender agrees to update prior Seals with newly designed Seals upon notification by LendingTree. Violation of the provisions in this Section 2 will result in immediate revocation of Seal and removal of Lender from Top Rated in Customer Satisfaction program. Lender is solely responsible for monitoring its Service Level Rating as required by this section.

3. Link Back. Each Seal shall link directly to the Lender’s specific ratings and reviews page on the LendingTree website. LendingTree will issue customized code which must be used in conjunction with the Seal.

4. Prohibited Activities. Lender may not:
a. share the Seal with any third party,
b. allow individuals within Lender’s organization to use the Seal in a manner inconsistent with Section 2 above;
c. modify any Seal in any way, including, but not limited to, modifications in size, shape or color;
d. add rel=“nofollow” attributes to the link in the Seal
e. alter the alt text; or
f. use any Seal except as described in Section 2 of these Terms of Use.
Violation of any of the foregoing will result in immediate revocation of Lender’s right to use the Seal.

5. Termination. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein or in any other materials related to the Seal, LendingTree may discontinue the Top-Rated Customer Satisfaction program in its discretion along with any use of the Seal.

6. Additional Terms.
a. LendingTree may modify these Terms of Use at any time in its sole discretion by posting changes to these Terms on Canopy or otherwise notifying Lenders or Funding Partners. It is your responsibility to monitor Canopy for any changes to these Terms.
b. The seals are not transferable, however, upon merger, acquisition, or some other change in control event at the Lender, the seals may be added to the updated entity’s reviews. However, this is solely in LendingTree’s discretion. If approved by LendingTree, the updated entity’s ratings and reviews will reflect where seals originated.
c. Participation in the Top-Rated in Customer Satisfaction program is limited to Lenders and Funding Partners on the LendingTree network which maintain a minimal number of reviews quarterly to be determined by LendingTree. This number will be based on several factors, including but not limited to, total number of lenders, total number of reviews and the specific line of business. The minimum number of reviews per quarter are listed below:

Minimum Quarterly Review Count Required by Vertical

January, 1st 2017

Home Lending: 20
Personal: 20
Business: 10
Auto: 10
Student: 5

d. LendingTree reserves the right to not disclose the proprietary LendingTree rankings to any Lender.