Ben Luthi

Ben Luthi is a personal finance journalist who writes about credit cards, insurance, student loans, and other personal finance topics. His work has appeared in publications including USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Success Magazine, Time Money, and more.

Articles by Ben Luthi

Student Loan Interest Rates: What You Need to Know

Since you don’t have to pay your student loans while you’re in school or for six months after you graduate, it’s easy to forget about... read more

Your Guide to Ph.D. Student Loans

If you’re pursuing your Ph.D., you need to prepare to cover the costs of several more years of schooling. One way to pay for your... read more

Survey: Student Loan Borrowers Wait Longer and Pay More to Get Divorced

Going through a divorce can be complicated and expensive. The average cost ranges between $12,500 and $19,200, depending on whether there are children involved, according... read more

Survey: 43% of Credit Card Holders Have More Than $15,000 in Debt

Americans have more credit card debt than ever, with a total of $1.029 trillion in December 2017, according to the Federal Reserve. That’s an average... read more

10 Cheapest Cities to Live in When You’re on a Budget

Whether you’re heading to graduate school, taking a new job, or hoping to live somewhere new, it’s important to take a city’s cost of living... read more

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