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LendingTree Debt Report – November 2019

Consumers collectively owe $4.13 trillion of debt on their auto, student, credit card and personal loans as of September 2019. That’s $193 billion more than... read more

Why a 666 Credit Score Is Scary

Halloween is steeped in occult and superstition. According to one survey, over 40% of Americans claim they are superstitious. More specifically, 15% are superstitious about... read more

LendingTree Debt Report – June 2019

Americans collectively owe more than $16 trillion on their mortgages, credit cards, and other types of consumer debt in 2019 — more than $1 trillion... read more

U.S. Consumer Debt Statistics And Trends From the Past 2 Years

The average U.S. household with at least one type of debt owed about $144,100 in 2018. That totals to more than $14 trillion — a... read more

LendingTree Debt Report – March 2019

Consumer debt continues to outpace disposable income Household wealth declined last quarter, but don’t blame credit cards Americans owe more than the $4 trillion originally... read more

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