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U.S. Consumer Debt Statistics And Trends From the Past 2 Years

The average U.S. household with at least one type of debt owed about $144,100 in 2018. That totals to more than $14 trillion — a... read more

LendingTree Debt Report – March 2019

Consumer debt continues to outpace disposable income Household wealth declined last quarter, but don’t blame credit cards Americans owe more than the $4 trillion originally... read more

LendingTree Debt Report – February 2019

Collective debt of Americans surpasses $4 trillion for the first time Student loan balances have increased the most since the $3 trillion milestone in 2013... read more

LendingTree Debt Report December 2018

If holiday spending is even slightly more than the $49 billion increase in revolving credit spending during the 2017 holiday season, total consumer debt —... read more

LendingTree Debt Report November 2018

Through the first nine months of 2018, Americans had nearly $4 trillion in outstanding consumer debt. Over $1 trillion of the debt is on credit... read more

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