Dawn Allcot

Dawn Allcot is a full-time freelance writer and inbound marketing expert specializing in personal finance, smart home technology and real estate. Dawn’s work has appeared on Chase News & Stories, Forbes.com, Care.com and countless other websites, as well as in print publications. Follow her on Twitter @DawnAllcot.

Articles by Dawn Allcot

Using a Personal Loan to Build Credit: Pros and Cons

Personal loans are a flexible financial product. You may use them to cover a major purchase, handle an unexpected medical bill or consolidate or refinance... read more

Understanding Origination Fees

When you take out a loan, you probably expect to pay back more than you borrowed. After all, most lenders charge interest that you pay... read more

How Will a Limit Increase Affect Your Credit Score?

If you’ve been a responsible credit card holder for a while, you’ve probably gotten offers to increase your credit limit. And while that might seem... read more

Understanding How Debt-to-Income Ratio Affects Your Credit Health

Why DTI isn’t reflected in your credit score Understanding the different types of DTI Which DTI matters more to lenders? Calculating your DTI ratio What... read more

How to Find Your Best Personal Loan Companies

Are you in search of a personal loan and looking for the best personal loan company? You can use a personal loan to pay down... read more

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