Devon Delfino

Devon Delfino is a personal finance writer who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Boston University. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including MagnifyMoney, NerdWallet, the L.A. Times, Teen Vogue, Mashable, Business Insider, MarketWatch, CNBC and USA Today.

Articles by Devon Delfino

Inquiries from Prospective Personal Loan Borrowers Highest Since Pre-Pandemic

The number of personal loan inquiries on the LendingTree platform during the week of April 24 was the highest since before the coronavirus pandemic, according... read more

Financial Professionals’ Earnings Up Most in Decade, but Challenges Abound

Financial professionals can be well-equipped to maximize their compensation. Professionals in finance, treasury and accounting saw their base salaries rise by an average of 4.4%... read more

What Constitutes a Sustainable Company in 2022?

Disappearing glaciers. Increasingly sweltering summers. Anti-union rhetoric from massive corporations. With the rise of these types of issues in recent years, it’s no wonder the... read more

More Tech, More Car Problems? Survey Details Widespread Concerns

Technology is making cars more convenient — but that also leaves them more vulnerable to cybersecurity issues. As high-tech features become the norm, they’ll prove... read more

How Workers Feel About Productivity, Meetings That Should Be Emails

The coronavirus pandemic fundamentally changed the way people work, forcing many to stay home and increase their reliance on technology to accomplish simple tasks. But... read more

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