Gary Wollenhaupt

Gary Wollenhaupt

Gary Wollenhaupt is a freelance writer specializing in planes, trains, automobiles, ships and other cool industrial stuff. People have been paying him to put the right words in the right order since 2003.

Articles by Gary Wollenhaupt

How Much Does a Tesla Cost and How to Pay for It

Tesla debuted in 2008 with the Roadster, and since then, has aimed to change the way we think about driving and buying cars. The electric... read more

Buying a Used Luxury Car: What to Know

If you’re looking for a nicer vehicle — perhaps with leather seats or a sporty suspension — but can’t afford to get a new one,... read more

Uber Car Financing Has Ended: What You Can Do Instead

Want to drive for Uber, but need help affording a car worthy of ride-sharing? While Uber car financing has ended, you can rent a car... read more

5 Reasons Savvy Car Buyers Choose Short-Term Car Loans

Short-term car loans can be a smart way to reduce the total amount you end up paying for your car, but they come with the... read more

How to Avoid Buying a Flood Car

A car or truck that’s been deluged with water in a flood could be repaired and resold, often to unsuspecting buyers. Depending on the state... read more

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