Janet Berry-Johnson

Janet Berry-Johnson is a freelance writer with four years of experience covering accounting, income taxes, insurance, mortgages and personal finance topics. She’s a CPA and spent a decade working as an auditor and tax adviser before pursuing writing full time. She’s written for several outlets, including Forbes, Discover, FreshBooks and Wirecutter. Her blog, Life & Taxes, caters to small business owners interested in learning more about accounting and taxes.

Articles by Janet Berry-Johnson

Employee Retention Credit: Can Your Small Business Benefit?

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How Does Apple Business Financing Work?

For business owners who rely on Apple computers, tablets, phones and more, the tech giant offers financing programs to help with the cost of keeping... read more

Tax Planning for Small Business: 5 Strategies for 2021

For most small businesses, every penny counts. Not only do you want to optimize revenue, but you also need to minimize your tax liability. Fortunately,... read more

Best Accounting Software for Small Business

Tracking income and expenses are critical for businesses of any size, but it isn’t easy to manage without the right tools. For some, a simple... read more

Your Small Business Tax Preparation Checklist

For small business owners, there’s good and bad news: there weren’t any major changes to the small business tax code for 2019, but many are... read more

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