Kelly Dilworth

Kelly Dilworth is a freelance writer and reporter, specializing in the intersection between money and life. As a journalist, she has covered everything from the U.S. economy to new consumer lending trends. She can be found on Twitter @kellydilworth.

Articles by Kelly Dilworth

Where Americans Are Moving — And Where They’re Moving Out

When workers and retirees move to a new locale, local economies often reap a wealth of benefits. New residents not only pad a region’s tax... read more

Louisiana Debt Relief: Your Guide to State Laws and Managing Debt

Home to a world-class city and some of the most distinctive dishes you’ll find this side of the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana has more than... read more

How to Improve a Business Credit Report

You and your business have something in common: You both have a credit report. And just as your personal credit report helps lenders decide whether... read more

So You’ve Turned 18. How Do You Start Building Credit?

Turning 18 means you’re a legal adult now, old enough to vote, open a checking account and, depending on your income and financial status, get... read more

8 Signs You Might Need a Personal Loan

Whether you’re moving cross-country, remodeling your home or contending with a pile of medical bills, a personal loan can help you pay for expenses that... read more

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