Kelly Dilworth

Kelly Dilworth is a long-time personal finance writer, specializing in the intersection between money and life. She has covered consumer banking and lending since 2010, with a particular focus on credit cards and other financial products, credit reporting and scoring, new consumer research and consumer protection laws. She also regularly writes about spending, saving, budgeting and borrowing and how to be savvier with your money. Her personal finance articles are frequently syndicated and have previously appeared on The Balance,,,, Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business,, LendingTree, Student Loan Hero, MagnifyMoney and CompareCards, among other websites and publications.

Articles by Kelly Dilworth

Best Credit Cards for Seniors and Retirees for 2022

Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card details updated Sept. 9, 2021 When you reach your retirement years, credit cards can become an important... read more

Credit Cards That Offer Instant Credit Card Numbers

Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit card and Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card details updated Sept. 9, 2021 Imagine you’re just hours... read more

Average Back-to-School Spending Reaches $498, and 33% of Parents Will Go Into Debt To Pay For It

As the era of COVID-19 stretches into another topsy-turvy year, families with school-age kids are gearing up for another deeply uncertain and costly back-to-school shopping... read more

Does My Credit Card Work with Apple Pay?

It is easier than ever now to use your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or even MacBook to make payments using Apple’s mobile payment system, Apple... read more

What’s the Difference Between a Hard and Soft Credit Inquiry?

You may have heard of hard inquiries and soft inquiries on your credit report but don’t understand what they mean. These inquiries are important to... read more

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