Lee Huffman

Lee Huffman is a personal finance expert who writes at BaldThoughts.com.

Articles by Lee Huffman

How old do you have to be to get a credit card?

Getting a credit card can be a good start for a young adult who wants to build credit. Because of the CARD Act of 2009,... read more

American Express Membership Rewards vs. Chase Ultimate Rewards®: Which Rewards Are Best 2024?

Flexible rewards offer tremendous value because of how many choices cardholders have when redeeming. American Express Membership Rewards® and Chase Ultimate Rewards® are two of... read more

The Credit Card Dispute Process

If you see an unauthorized charge or billing mistake on your credit card statement, or if you didn’t receive satisfactory goods or services from a... read more

Capital One vs. Credit One: Which Is Better?

While the names and logos of Capital One and Credit One may be similar, these two financial services companies are not the same. Unfortunately, this... read more

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