Liz Knueven

Liz Knueven is a writer covering automotive and financial topics. She’s written about cars and personal finance for brands like Carfax and Credit Karma, and is a personal finance reporter for Business Insider.

Articles by Liz Knueven

How to Get a Car Loan With No Credit History

When you’re first starting out, a car can make all the difference in getting to work or school, and sometimes a loan is just what... read more

Best Trucks and SUVs for Overlanding

If adventure is in your future, you might be looking into a capable overlanding vehicle to help you get out there. While off-roading is about... read more

Best Cars for Towing Behind Your RV

The words “dinghy” and “toad” might seem like odd terms for a vehicle you’re towing behind your RV, but take them in stride. The term... read more

How Much an Alternator Repair Costs And How to Pay for It

Your car’s alternator is one of the key components of the electrical system of your vehicle. It’s vital in getting the car running and keeping... read more

How to Remove Collections from your Credit Report

We all forget to pay a bill now and then. But if you fall seriously behind on a payment, the lender may send your account... read more

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