Marianne Hayes

Marianne Hayes is a freelance writer who’s been covering personal finance for nearly a decade. She writes about everything from budgeting and debt repayment to mortgages and student loans (and pretty much everything in between). Marianne has written for CNBC, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Redbook and more.

Articles by Marianne Hayes

How to Close a Corporation in 7 Steps

If you’re wondering how to close a corporation, you’ll have to think beyond simply stopping operations. Be prepared to hold a board meeting, file tax... read more

Accounts Receivable Factoring: What is Factoring Receivables?

Factoring receivables helps businesses get funding by selling unpaid invoices for a cash advance to a factoring company. You’ll get cash quickly, but this type... read more

Business Cash Flow Loans: How it Works and Best Options

Business cash flow loans can help businesses cover all kinds of expenses, from buying inventory to fulfilling payroll. Whether needed for outstanding invoices or a... read more

Business Grants for Women: 12 Options

Business grants for women help women-owned businesses get access to capital. Unlike a business loan, grants are free money, which means that you usually don’t... read more

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