Shannon Insler

Shannon Insler is a personal finance writer covering topics including budgeting, credit, debt, and the emotional side of money. Her work has appeared in Student Loan Hero, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Yahoo! Finance.

Articles by Shannon Insler

Your Guide to Pell Grant Requirements

The government offers the Pell Grant to undergraduates with financial need to help them pay for college. The primary factor to get this grant is... read more

17 Useful Scholarships for Latino and Hispanic Students

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of college, applying to scholarships is a good start. Scholarship awards, along with financial aid, can ease the... read more

Don’t Let Student Loan Identity Theft Ruin Your Life

Note that the situation for many types of debt has changed due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and relief efforts from the government... read more

Can Your Debts Be Erased in Student Loan Bankruptcy? Yes, Here’s How

Can you file bankruptcy on student loans? Although it’s rarely an easy process, yes, it is possible to discharge either federal or private student loans... read more

Biweekly Student Loan Payments Help You Pay Debt Off Faster

Although you’re only required to make a payment on your student loans once per month, you could consider paying every two weeks instead. With biweekly... read more

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