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How Does LendingTree Get Paid?

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Are you ready to pull the trigger on a new or used motorcycle? Well, first things first, let’s figure out how much you can afford. Check out our motorcycle loan calculator below and estimate how much you can expect to pay down the road.

How our motorcycle loan calculator works

It’s simple! Just enter your desired loan amount, interest rate and the loan term. Our motorcycle loan calculator will compute your estimated monthly payment based on your inputs.

Loan amount. This should be the entire amount you want to borrow. Include any taxes and fees. Subtract any down payment and/or the value of your trade in, if applicable. 

Interest rate. The annual percentage rate (APR) is how much a loan costs. Motorcycles usually have higher interest rates than car loans. The example below shows the APR you may get based on your credit score according to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). 

Loan term. This is how long the loan will be. Finance companies may express a loan term in years or months. See below for a years-to-months table. 

FICO credit scoreAPR*
*This is an example. The actual APR you obtain may be different.

Loan term yearsLoan term months

Up ahead

So, you’ve figured out how much you can afford. Now it’s time to begin looking for your motorcycle loan. Shopping around is a crucial step in the loan process and we can help!

By comparing rates and terms, LendingTree can provide you with offers that are the best fit for your unique situation.

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Motorcycle loan calculator FAQ

Your motorcycle loan payment should be easily affordable because motorcycle taxes, insurance and maintenance average out to over $1,000 annually. And that’s not including safety equipment such as a helmet and gloves. You can read more here about financing a motorcycle.

Motorcycle loan rates are typically higher than auto loan rates and similar to personal loan APRs. You could compare motorcycle loan offers

Bad credit motorcycle loans are available, but typically cost more. A personal loan, especially from a credit union, could also be a fair option.  

Motorcycle prices can range wildly from those sold on Craigslist for a few hundred dollars to brand new Harley-Davidson bikes that go for over $40,000. We suggest using a Blue Book guide to make sure you’re paying a fair price or posting your motorcycle resale at a good price.

A Blue Book used to be an actual printed, published book of vehicle values for the industry; everything from trucks to lawn mowers. The Blue Book value of a motorcycle is what it’s worth according to such an industry source. You could use Kelley Blue Book to value a motorcycle you want to buy or resale.

Yes, you could lease a motorcycle, potentially through a dealership, credit union or bank. 

Yes, you may be able to refinance a motorcycle to attain a lower payment or a lower APR.

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