The $42K Benefit that 89% of Veterans Haven’t Redeemed

It’s True: Decades-Old Veteran Home Loan Offer Still Works


  • An offer launched in 1944 to help veterans purchase homes remains active.
  • Qualifying vets can purchase homes with 0% down.
  • Vets receive lower interest rates than are available to civilians.
  • Because the loan is backed by the government, no private mortgage insurance is required.
  • If needed, homeowners can borrow up to 100% of their home’s equity.

In 1944, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs crafted a program that would help the country’s bravest conquer a domestic endeavor: homeownership. The program was designed as a “thank you” to service members that would reduce the hurdles to homebuying brought on by the financial sacrifices made while serving the country. But what few veterans know is that the program never expired. In fact, today’s record-low interest rates make it more lucrative than ever. Here are the details:

0% Down Payment

The 2-20% down payment required of most every homebuyer? For qualifying veterans, it’s waived. This unparalleled arrangement makes renting seem ludicrous. With current interest rates at record lows and $0 down, purchasing a home could equal or even beat the monthly cost of renting, all while acquiring valuable equity.

No Additional Insurance Required

Typically, any homeowner with less than 20% equity in their home is required by their lender to purchase additional mortgage insurance (PMI) to cover the cost of a potential short sale. Not vets. Because VA loans are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government, no additional PMI is required. That exemption can save veterans hundreds of dollars per month alone.

Borrow from Your Own Home

If participants fall on hard times, the equity built up in their home can act as an emergency savings account. Up to 100% of the value of your home can be borrowed--a loan from your very own investment.

Qualify with Imperfect Credit

The minimum credit scores required for VA Loans are more easily achievable, so yesterday’s financial missteps don’t have to stop you from achieving the American dream. Find out if you qualify.

TIP: Touring homes? Carrying a letter from a VA lender could make you a preferred buyer in the eyes sellers. Request one today.

Calculate Your Savings

When you add up the value of the PMI exemption and exclusive interest rate discount, the potential savings are nothing to sneeze at. The annual payments on a typical $250,000 loan could be $3,100 lower under a VA loan than a conventional home loan.*

Check Your Eligibility

This special program requires a minimum service of between 90 days and 2 years for most veterans. Find out if you’re eligible by selecting your state from the map below.

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