Alaya Linton

Linton is a freelance writer, speaker, financial coach, and creator of the award-winning blog, Her own journey of overcoming financial struggles gave her a passion for teaching and encouraging others to take control of their money. Alaya’s writing and personal story have been featured in multiple publications including U.S. News & World Report, LendingTree, The Balance, and AOL Finance.

Articles by Alaya Linton

Places Where Black Americans Thrive the Most (and Least)

The financial challenges that Black Americans face are evident. An ever-moving target, the net worth of Black families in America is typically a fraction of... read more

Minority Entrepreneurs Are Succeeding the Most in San Francisco and the Least in Cleveland

Nearly 20% of U.S. employer businesses in 2020 were minority-owned, according to Census Bureau estimates. In addition, the past decade has seen increases in minority-owned... read more

Land Loans: Using a Personal Loan to Buy Land

If you’re looking to buy a plot of land, you probably have some exciting plans for it. Less exciting is figuring out how to finance... read more

First-Time Homebuyer Programs and Loans

First-time homebuyer programs are available to help qualified borrowers achieve the dream of homeownership. Depending on the program, buyers who have previously owned a home... read more

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt: What’s the Difference?

The topic of debt can be as polarizing as politics. Some people think debt should be avoided at all costs, while others believe in using... read more

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