Alaya Linton

Linton is a freelance writer, speaker, financial coach, and creator of the award-winning blog, Her own journey of overcoming financial struggles gave her a passion for teaching and encouraging others to take control of their money. Alaya’s writing and personal story have been featured in multiple publications including U.S. News & World Report, LendingTree, The Balance, and AOL Finance.

Articles by Alaya Linton

What Is an FHA 203(b) Loan and What Are the Requirements?

An FHA 203(b) loan is a mortgage through a lender that’s insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Buyers can use the loan to refinance... read more

How to Read Your Monthly Mortgage Statement

A mortgage statement provides essential information about your loan. Most lenders send borrowers a monthly mortgage statement with the current loan balance, recent transactions, payment... read more

How to Get a Real Estate License: Key Requirements

Helping people buy and sell homes as a real estate agent can be a rewarding career but, first, you have to get a real estate... read more

What is a Land Contract and How Does It Work?

A land contract is a real estate transaction in which a buyer finances a property by making installment payments to the seller. The buyer gains... read more

What is Cross-Collateralization and How Does It Work?

Cross-collateralization is when one asset serves as collateral for more than one loan. If a borrower is unable to repay any of the loans secured... read more

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