Charlotte Zhang

  • Expertise: Credit cards, personal finance, life insurance, real estate investing
  • Education: Martin Luther College


Charlotte Zhang is a staff writer focusing on credit cards.

Prior to becoming a personal finance writer, Charlotte Zhang spent more than 15 years as an English as a Foreign Language teacher in small-town China after receiving her education degree from Martin Luther College. She taught thousands of students across all levels; from preschoolers to C-suite executives, with middle school being her favorite age group.

She’s written personal finance content for Joy Wallet, Save, Insurify, The Penny Hoarder, Money Under 30, RBC Wealth, Next Advisor, Credit Sesame, The Simple Dollar, Work+Money, Capital One, Incomes Abroad and International Living. Additionally she’s ghostwritten content for real estate investing and insurance blogs.

When she’s not scanning receipts to earn cash back rewards or giving personal finance tips to friends, she enjoys knitting woolen socks (not a frugal hobby), cooking (a great way to save) and hanging out with her husband and two kids.

Articles by Charlotte Zhang

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