Denny Ceizyk

Former Senior Writer

  • Expertise: Mortgage, personal finance, financial literacy, debt management and real estate investing
  • Education: University of Arizona


Denny Ceizyk is a former senior writer who has covered mortgage content for LendingTree since 2019. Besides writing home loan articles for LendingTree, Denny has contributed expert commentary for national publications including MarketWatch, the New York Post, AARP, and Money magazine.

Before joining LendingTree, Denny spent 25 years in the mortgage industry advocating for and educating homeowners to help them make the best lending decisions. He has worked in the institutional mortgage banking world, having owned and operated a mortgage brokerage company for 18 years.

Denny earned a bachelor’s degree in media arts from the University of Arizona and has advocated for financial literacy initiatives at both the state and local government levels over the past 30 years.

Articles by Denny Ceizyk

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