Derek Miller

Derek Miller is a senior research analyst at LendingTree, based in Brooklyn, N.Y. He conducts data-driven studies on topics related to personal finance, including debt and small business.

Articles by Derek Miller

Obsessively Checking Your Credit Score Won’t Improve It (Though It Won’t Lower It)

The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that it exists. If monitoring your credit score is a healthy financial habit, can checking your... read more

Americans Spent Their First Stimulus Checks on Everyday Needs, but Now They’re Paying Off Debt With the Latest Round

Last June, two months after the first economic impact payments started to arrive, many Americans were desperate for cash amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to... read more

Despite COVID-19 Crisis, 2020 Was Biggest Year for New Entrepreneurs

While many small businesses had to get creative to survive amid the coronavirus pandemic, others were being started in record numbers. In fact, there were... read more

LendingTree Holiday Spending Report

Jewelry and watches were at the top of last-minute shoppers’ lists in 2020, according to new LendingTree data from more than 34,000 anonymized transactions. Here’s... read more

Americans Are Starting Businesses at a Record Pace, but Are They Good Businesses?

The number of business owners applying for employer identification numbers in 2020 surpassed the previous year’s total by mid-October. But data on high-propensity business applications... read more

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