Gary Wollenhaupt

Gary Wollenhaupt

Gary Wollenhaupt is a freelance writer specializing in planes, trains, automobiles, ships and other cool industrial stuff. People have been paying him to put the right words in the right order since 2003.

Articles by Gary Wollenhaupt

Tresl Auto Loan Review

Along with “I’m fine” and “I got stuck in traffic,” a common little lie is, “One size fits all.” That’s not really true with t-shirts,... read more

How to Get Out of Your Car Loan

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Paying the Principal on a Car Loan: What Does This Mean?

Paying more on your car loan seems like the opposite of a good idea. But it’s like getting up early to hit the gym —... read more

Should You Consider Buying a Rental Car?

Some people drive a rental car like they stole it. But buying a car from a rental company doesn’t have to be as risky as... read more

What Are the Different Types of Auto Loans?

Car buyers have several choices in types of car loans for financing their next vehicle purchase. Some are more common than others, but it’s helpful... read more

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