Gary Wollenhaupt

Gary Wollenhaupt is a freelance writer specializing in planes, trains, automobiles, ships and other cool industrial stuff. People have been paying him to put the right words in the right order since 2003.

Articles by Gary Wollenhaupt

What is a Car Balloon Payment and How Does It Work?

Balloon financing means reducing your monthly car payments now, but making a large “balloon payment” at the very end of the loan. After that, you... read more

Best Classic Car Loans in 2024

If you’re looking to drive off in a shiny red convertible or spunky coupe, you may need to use classic car financing to buy the... read more

What Happens When Your Car Is Totaled?

When you’re in an accident and the cost to repair your car exceeds its value (or it’s damaged beyond repair), the insurance company will declare... read more

Why You Should Skip Buy Here, Pay Here Car Lots

Buy here, pay here car lots can sometimes offer financing to those with bad credit. But even if you’re desperate to get an auto loan,... read more

Leasing a Car: Everything You Need to Know

If you like to have a new car every few years, leasing sounds good: You make monthly payments like with a loan, but you only... read more

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