Jackie Lam

Jackie Lam is a freelance writer with experience covering small business, budgeting, freelancing and money, and personal finance. She has written for more than 60 outlets, including Salon.com, GOOD and Business Insider. She is currently working on her AFC® financial coaching certification to help artists and freelancers.

Articles by Jackie Lam

Pandemic Ignites Millennials to Focus on End-of-Life Planning

As the coronavirus pandemic increased anxiety and upended many lives, it led U.S. millennials to get more serious about end-of-life planning. According to new research... read more

Scams Plague Active-Duty Service Members, Veterans More Than Civilians

While money scams were on the rise during the pandemic, not all Americans were impacted equally. According to a recent AARP report, active-duty service members,... read more

Pandemic Sparks Greater Entrepreneurship Among Gen Zers

The coronavirus pandemic has created a host of issues and challenges for many Americans, regardless of their age. And while Gen Zers have suffered from... read more

How People Moved During the Pandemic — and the Unexpected Costs They Encountered

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans were working remotely alongside significant others and/or kids who were distance learning at home. The growing desire for more... read more

Online-Only Grocery Shoppers Most Loyal to Brands

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt accelerated online shopping trends. And it turns out that consumers who only shop online for groceries are more loyal... read more

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