Jackie Lam

Jackie Lam is a freelance writer with experience covering small business, budgeting, freelancing and money, and personal finance. She has written for more than 60 outlets, including Salon.com, GOOD and Business Insider. She is currently working on her AFC® financial coaching certification to help artists and freelancers.

Articles by Jackie Lam

Americans Are Moving to Less-Crowded States — And to Be With Their Families

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated remote work, allowing more Americans to consider relocating. Among those who chose new stomping grounds, where did they flock — and... read more

Homeownership Less Affordable in More Than Three-Quarters of U.S. Counties

An inventory shortage, coupled with low mortgage rates and lightning-quick turnarounds on sales, drove a hot housing market in 2021 — and 2022 shows little... read more

76% of Americans Aim to Be Smarter With Their Money in 2022

Besides the usual New Year’s resolutions of losing weight, eating better and pursuing new passions, Americans intend to improve their finances in 2022. According to... read more

Holiday Shopping Behavior: 78% of Consumers Spending Same or More in 2021

By now, you’ve probably grown tired of hearing endless Christmas jingles. But as you’re wrapping up your gift shopping, you might be curious about general... read more

What Shoppers Want: A Greater Commitment to Sustainability

With climate change being a top concern worldwide over the next decade (according to a survey from UNESCO), it’s no surprise that consumers are worried... read more

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