Jackie Lam

Jackie Lam is a freelance writer with experience covering small business, budgeting, freelancing and money, and personal finance. She has written for more than 60 outlets, including Salon.com, GOOD and Business Insider. She is currently working on her AFC® financial coaching certification to help artists and freelancers.

Articles by Jackie Lam

How Luxury Shopping Is Changing

The world of luxury shopping is changing — and younger generations are becoming its guiding light. A new report from Klarna, a Swedish buy now,... read more

Car Buyer Satisfaction Dips Amid Inventory Shortage, High Prices

If you’ve shopped for a car in the past year, you might be all too familiar with this one-two punch: sparse dealer lots and high... read more

Winter Blues Got You Down? Best Time to Shop Report Geared Toward Helping Moms

It’s no surprise that moms are reaching a breaking point. Many mothers are suffering from burnout as they deal with child care gaps while balancing... read more

In Year 3 of Pandemic, Americans Less Confident About Financial Situation

Even though experts predict that the jobs market will improve and inflation will become more manageable this year, many consumers aren’t feeling great about their... read more

Is the Great Resignation Slowing Down?

The Great Resignation — a trend in which workers in various sectors from retail to hospitality to manufacturing are quitting voluntarily in droves — has... read more

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