Jenn Jones

Jenn is LendingTree’s auto writer. She was previously an automotive finance manager and an editor for Standard & Poor’s Money Market Directory. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in commerce.

Articles by Jenn Jones

Can You Transfer a Car Warranty?

In most cases, yes, you can transfer a car warranty. A car warranty can really give peace of mind. And it makes sense to ensure... read more

Reasons You Should Buy a Small Car

Among the reasons you should buy a small car — if you’re considering one — is huge potential savings without sacrificing features. Some Americans have... read more

How Do Auto Tariffs Affect Car Prices?

Tariffs are duties charged on imports and are factored into the price of every new foreign vehicle sitting on U.S. car lots. When auto tariffs... read more

Best RVs to Live In

If you plan for your recreational vehicle to be your full-time home, rather than your home away from home, you probably don’t want a pop-up... read more

Toyota Mirai Review

If you live in California or Oahu, Hawaii and want to skip $4 a gallon gas prices or long charge times for EVs, check out... read more

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