Jenn Jones

Jenn is LendingTree’s auto writer. She was previously an automotive finance manager and an editor for Standard & Poor’s Money Market Directory. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in commerce.

Articles by Jenn Jones

8 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can be intimidating, but arming yourself with some knowledge before you set foot onto a car lot could go a long... read more

Buying a Car Without a Title

A car title is the legal document that shows who owns a specific vehicle. Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle, a title must... read more

Tips on How to Trade in Your Car

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What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle and Should I Buy One?

“Certified pre-owned” is not a euphemism for “used.” The term certified pre-owned (CPO) is an official designation by the manufacturer to show that a used... read more

How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Faster: 11 Hacks For Successful Payoff

As lenders are making car loans accessible to more borrowers, the terms of the loan can stretch as long as 96 months, which can stick... read more

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