Kat Tretina

Kat Tretina is a personal finance writer focused on helping people pay down debt and boost their incomes. Her own experience paying off $35,000 student loans ahead of schedule thanks to side hustles helps inform her writing on debt repayment, student loans and investing topics. Her work has been featured in publications like The Huffington Post, MarketWatch, Business Insider, and more.

Articles by Kat Tretina

LendKey Student Loan Review

LendingTree rating for LendKey student loan refinance: 3.5 out of 5 LendingTree rating for LendKey private student loans: 2.8 out of 5   LendKey is... read more

PNC Bank Student Loan Review

PNC Bank is the result of a 1983 merger of two prominent Pennsylvania banks (Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation), though its history dates... read more

Nelnet Bank/U-Fi Student Loan Review

U-Fi by Nelnet was a leading private student loan lender. However, in April 2022, U-Fi was phased out — Nelnet now operates its private student... read more

MEFA Student Loan Review

Despite its name, the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) isn’t just for Massachusetts residents. It issues private student loans and student loan refinancing to borrowers... read more

Iowa Student Loan Review

While federal loans are the best starting point when you need to borrow money to pay for college, there are times when you may need... read more

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