Mary Lawrence Huffman

Mary Lawrence Huffman is a research analyst for LendingTree who conducts data-driven studies.

Articles by Mary Lawrence Huffman

Auto Loan Inquiries Rise Disproportionately in U.S. Cities With Highest Transit Ridership

In the six U.S. cities with the highest transit use, interest in auto loans amid the COVID-19 pandemic has grown at a faster rate than... read more

States With Most Adaptable Small Businesses During Coronavirus

Almost a third of small business owners and managers reported in April that operations had halted because of the coronavirus crisis. However, LendingTree researchers found... read more

How Non-Mortgage Debt Has Changed Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Non-mortgage debt levels increased by 2.1% during the first half of 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, compared with a 1.8% increase in the first half... read more