Melissa Wylie

Melissa Wylie is a small business writer at LendingTree. She previously covered business news for and the Dallas Business Journal. Melissa graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Articles by Melissa Wylie

CMBS Loans: What Business Owners Should Know

A commercial real estate loan can help you purchase property for your business, covering the cost of the building, the land or construction. Lenders often... read more

How Much it Costs to Start a Business in Every Industry

When opening a business, it would be beneficial to have an idea of what startup costs to expect, whether you’re familiar with the industry or... read more

Paragon Financial Group Business Financing Review

[mmps name='sbloan.70.loan_title'] is a factoring company that advances unpaid invoices and customer orders for business owners who need funding. If you want to access cash... read more

What You Need to Know to Get an SBA Disaster Loan

SBA disaster loans can help business owners, homeowners and renters who qualify recover from unforeseen destruction. If your insurance and Federal Emergency Management Agency funding... read more

Where Teens Work the Most

American teenagers aren’t working as much as they once did. Compared with previous decades, teens today have higher demands on their time thanks to extended... read more

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