Melissa Wylie

Melissa Wylie is a former senior small business writer for LendingTree. In her role, Melissa explored all aspects of business ownership, from the start to the sale to all the hurdles in between.

Articles by Melissa Wylie

EIDL vs. PPP Loans vs. Grants: Which One Is Right for Your Small Business?

Federal loan and grant programs offering COVID-19 relief are no longer open to new applications from small businesses. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) now... read more

LLC vs. Corporation: How They Differ

When you start a business, choosing a business entity is one of the first steps because it determines your personal liability and how you pay... read more

How to Close a Business

Following the proper procedures when shutting down a company could help you avoid trouble with creditors, clients and employees. When you become an entrepreneur, learning... read more

How to Start a Clothing Line

For a fashion designer, a clothing line can be an expression of artistry. But to make money from that art, you’d need business savvy in... read more

Partnership vs. Corporation: What’s the Difference?

The structure of your business determines many of your responsibilities as a business owner, such as what taxes you pay and your level of personal... read more

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