Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady is a personal finance consultant who loves helping people improve their financial wellness. Her writing is inspired by her work as a credit and housing counselor, where she’s coached hundreds of people to build budgets, improve their credit and buy affordable housing. When Sarah isn’t writing she’s teaching workshops all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Articles by Sarah Brady

2024 FHA Loan Limits in South Carolina

Are you struggling to afford a home in South Carolina? Before you give up the search, consider looking into an FHA-insured loan. Loans backed by... read more

How to Refinance a Car Loan With Bad Credit

Refinancing a car loan can save you money, but it can be hard to do if you have bad credit. The lower your credit score,... read more

2024 Ohio First-Time Homebuyer Programs and Loans

Higher home prices in Ohio are making it harder for Ohioans to come up with funds they need to buy their first home. As a... read more

2024 Ally Bank Auto Loan Review

Ally Bank auto loans at a glance New auto loansUsed auto loansRefinance auto loans Starting APRNot specifiedNot specified8.59% Loan termsUp to 84 monthsUp to 84... read more

2024 Consumers Credit Union Auto Loan Review

Consumers Credit Union auto loans at a glance Loan typeStarting APRsLoan termsLoan amounts New auto loans6.54%*12 - 84 months$250 - $500,000See Auto Loan Rates Used... read more

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