Taylor K. Gordon

Taylor Medine is a personal finance writer with over five years of experience covering money management topics and reviewing finance products for publications and FinTech companies such as Credit Karma, CompareCards and MagnifyMoney. She runs the blog TayTalksMoney, which discusses how Millennials and Generation Z can live an abundant life on a tight budget.

Articles by Taylor K. Gordon

6 Ways to Build Credit Without a Credit Card

Building credit can be a challenge for young adults, people without credit, immigrants or anyone with a poor credit history. You need access to credit... read more

10 Steps to Better Credit This Year

Your credit score is a risk score that creditors use to decide whether to lend to you and at what interest rate. Improving your credit... read more

7 Ways to Protect Your Credit If You’re Affected by a Government Shutdown

Government shutdowns have become an unfortunate fact of life in the United States. And while the suspension of federal services can make life difficult for... read more

8 Things to Never Hide from Your Mortgage Broker

Shopping for a mortgage is typically the least exciting part of homebuying. A bank or credit union puts your finances under a microscope while you... read more

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