Taylor Medine

Taylor Medine is a freelance writer who’s covered all things personal finance for the last seven years. She enjoys writing financial product reviews and guides on budgeting, saving, repaying debt, and building credit. Her bylines have appeared on The Balance, Experian, Credit Karma, Business Insider, and much more.

Articles by Taylor Medine

How does a credit card hold work?

After checking into a hotel or renting a car, you may notice that the merchant initiated a credit card hold, which locked funds in your... read more

How to Apply for a Credit Card in 7 Steps

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, you can usually apply by providing some personal information, such as your legal name and... read more

Westlake Financial Review

Westlake Financial Auto Loans: At a Glance APRs Loan terms Loan amounts 1.99% to 29.99%+ Up to 72 months $5,000 to $30,000 Best for: All... read more

Best Credit Monitoring Services

Today, scammers are coming up with elaborate schemes to steal your entire identity. And after getting a hold of your information, they can then open... read more

How Little Americans Are Spending on Flying Due to Coronavirus

Air travel internationally and domestically came to a screeching halt in April due to the spread of COVID-19. Data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics... read more

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